EMT Basic Course Fall 2021
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Our Fall EMT Basic course will begin on Wednesday September 8th, 2021 and will be ending on Thursday December 16th, 2021. This program is delivered using a blended learning style. The lecture portion of this course is conducted online and away from the classroom, with the course exams and skill labs being conducted in the classroom. In-person classroom  and virtual meetings will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm-10pm. ALL STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19, AND PROVIDE PROOF OF VACCINATION THE FIRST NIGHT OF CLASS. This course is open to the public. Although our program is challenging and will require absolute dedication from enrolled students, rest assured that our excellence in EMS education is second to none! Students will also receive AHA CPR Certification at no extra cost, upon successful completion of the course. After successful completion of the course and NYS Exams, the student will receive NYS Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. So, if you want to earn your NYS Certification as an EMT, this is the course for you! The cost of the tuition for this course is $800.00. The tuition does not include the cost of other required materials listed below. (We do not offer financial aid or payment plans)

Other required materials:

  • Course Textbook-We will be using the Brady Emergency Care 13th Edition for this course. It is required the first night of class. No other edition will be accepted. Students may purchase this textbook by going to www.bradybooks.com and using ISBN # 0-13-402455-9 (current cost-$139.99) A discount code for the textbook will be provided once course registration is complete.

  • AHA BLS Provider Manual (2020 CPR textbook)-This book can be purchased from various distributors. Information will be provided in class regarding this book. (cost- aprox $13.25)

  • Course Equipment-Students will need a stethoscope and wristwatch for this course. Costs will vary depending on the brands purchased. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must be 17 years of age by December 31st, 2021, in order to enroll in this course. No exceptions.

  • Students must be physically capable of performing all required skills included in the EMT Program, as defined by the NYS DOH “Functional Job Description of an EMT”.



  • The tuition for this course is $800.00. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required in order for the course registration process to be completed, and a seat in the course to be guaranteed. This deposit must be received by IVAC within 5 days after receiving the course pre-registration email, otherwise your seat in the course will not be held. This deposit is not refundable, and must be cash, check, or money order. The remaining $700 will be due the first night of class. No exceptions. 

  • For students who are associated with a NYS EMS agency, you may be eligible for NYS reimbursement in the amount of $700.00. NYS DOH requires you to be an active member of a NYS EMS Agency at the start of the EMT course, and remain such through the reimbursement process. A NYS DOH Membership Verification form will be provided to you at the start of the EMT course, which will need to be completed by both you and your agency administrator. A receipt will also be provided to you by IVAC for the tuition you pay us. Once you complete the course and receive your NYS EMT Certification, your EMS Agency can request reimbursement from the NYS DOH, and return the tuition to you. You are not eligible for reimbursement if you do not complete the course and do not receive your NYS EMT Certification. 


Note regarding attendance.

  • Attendance in the course is mandatory for all sessions. Students who fail to adhere to the attendance policy may not be able to finish the course. (Attendance at the first session is mandatory)


The IVAC EMS Training Center reserves the right to cancel any program, prior to the start of a program, due to low enrollment. In the event that a program is cancelled, tuition or tuition deposits will be refunded in full. We also reserve the right to modify the course schedule before or during the course, as necessary, due to COVID-19 or any other reason. Tuition and tuition deposits are not refundable due to a modification of the schedule.