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The EMT-B course was challenging yet rewarding. The class was conducted in a professional and engaging manner and all of the instructors were dedicated to student success. Not only does this class produce competent EMTs, but I feel it inadvertently provides lessons about life. It was one of the most positive learning experiences I've ever had and I am excited for the new opportunities this class has provided for me! on Feed Back



on 6/16/15



The Fall 2014 class was an amazing experience. Benny and his peers were all excellent instructors with years of experience on the job. I feel confident about my abilities in EMS because of all the hands on training and classroom knowledge they gave us. If you apply for an EMT original course come in with an open and fresh mind. Sometimes the learning is like drinking from a firehose but if you work hard your instructors will help you get through the course. on Feed Back


Rico Pasamba

on 1/17/15



I would recommend the EMT-B course at IVAC and specifically Ben Fontanilles to anyone who wanted to be challenged in obtaining this level of training. The course is taught by highly proficient instructors who take the time to explain everything. The classroom is comfortable and uses state of the art instruction tools. One of the most positive learning experiences I've come across. on Feed Back



on 1/14/15



Thanks for the videos since I will be taking the practical next week. My one question is when are you going to have the videos of the new NYS trauma and medical scenarios since you have the old protocols on your website? on Feed Back



on 2/13/14



In the beginning of class I didn't know what to expect. It was my first EMT class. I soon realized that it was going to be a challenging and enjoyable class. It was deffinetly both. All of our instructors were great. Coming out of the IVAC EMT class I am very confident and ready to handle any situation put my way as an EMT. on Feed Back



on 9/19/13



I took Benny's EMT class over Summer '13 and I could not imagine being more well prepared for the field than I am now. This is an excellent agency with an excellent CIC and I am very grateful to everyone involved who gave me the skills necessary not only to pass the state exams, but to be successful in the field. on Feed Back



on 9/18/13



I started Benny's EMT Class in January of 2013. At first I didn't like the way it was going, but then I realized that he truly is the best. This man is absolutely the most knowledgeable and understand person I ever met who teaches. I know he has a 2 absence policy, and a 2 test retake policy; but I felt that if you didn't studying or take the time to learn the information then you shouldn't have been in his class. I liked how Benny drills the information into your head. 75% passing on all his test's has to be the most smartest thing I see in the course. With that kinda of average it makes you try to strive to do better. I just can't say enough good things about Benny and his EMT course I tried it at the college and an failed it but IVAC was a Success. I couldn't do it without you thanks a lot Benny. on Feed Back


Kyle J. Keegan

on 6/28/13



I have tried to imagine better instructors for this course. I couldn't! Alex Bruck on Feed Back



on 1/25/12



As a career changer looking to get into the medical field, I joined TVAC as a volunteer. I decided that becoming an EMT would make me most useful to my organization and the community, while also giving me valuable experience. Taking the EMT-B Original Course with Ben and his team was one of the best decisions I've ever made. This course gave me much more than an education in EMS. It helped me to become better organized, increased my confidence, and helped me to do better in my pre-med classes. Ben is an excellent instructor, and an even better person. If you're looking to get started as an EMT, do it the right way, and take Ben's course. It's not going to be easy (as Ben will tell you on your first night), but the better things in life never are. Thank you, Ben, for everything you've done for me. on Feed Back


John Kanjiram

on 12/20/11



I was an EMT who needed to recert, but had a very busy outside schedule. I couldn't have picked a better class. This is an efficient, well-run program that made the challenge and recert process relatively stress-free. For any working EMT who needs to re-up their license or tune-up their skills, this class is perfect. Thank you for streamlining everything (and for vouching for me on test day, Ben!) on Feed Back


Adarsh Thaker

on 6/15/11



If you want to be a first class EMT or take your EMT skills to the next level, take a class with Ben. He the type of instructor, that actually knows and enjoys what he is teaching. Yes, Ben will challenge you. However, he gives you the knowlege and skills to rise to that challenge. on Feed Back



on 6/9/11



I decided to take Ben’s EMT Basic class with the idea of becoming an EMT, then volunteering and giving back to my local community. Little did I know how much his class was going to give back to me! As far as the class was concerned, I knew initially from reading Ben’s website, blog and course literature that he meant business and it wasn’t going to be easy. That’s exactly why I picked his course. I thought he was tough, but fair! A couple of things Ben said throughout the course really stuck with me. One was “everything in his course is done for a specific reason”. It was so true and you’ll appreciate that fact at the end of the class. His “practice” practical skills exam done the Saturday before the “real” one was invaluable for me. I understand that no other local class offers this. I failed two of the six stations that day. That “eye-opener” made me reach “deep down” inside myself and re-double my studying efforts. I passed all six stations in the “real” state skills exam the on Feed Back



on 6/1/11



I took the EMT course during the spring and i found some parts challenging and other parts easy but for the most part i learned a lot from benny. i found all the lab instructors very helpful and i thank them for teaching me over the pass four months! i now understand the way benny teaches and the feedback he gives during our labs, and its because to make us better EMTs and i feel that his feedback will make me a good EMT! I would also recommend anyone to take this course at IVAC! also alot of memories and character was made over the pass four months with this class! Thank you everyone! and thank you benny for teaching me i really learned alot! hope to see you in CME classes!!! on Feed Back



on 5/22/11



Enrolling into the EMT program at IVAC was the best career move for me at that time. Looking back at the moments I spent within the program, learning from Ben, his instructors,his experiences, I can honestly say was an opportunity words can not express. EMS training, whether its CFR, EMT-B, Paramedic should be taught by trained, qualified and experienced instructors. Instructors that care and provide you with the tools to not only pass your New York State exam, but to pass in the street where it truly counts. Being a Firefighter, understanding the role of EMS, I can say that the development of my training was a reflection of what was taught at Irvington Volunteer Ambulance Corp. It was a great program and I highly recommend it for those seeking a career in EMS. Thanks BEN Sunny on Feed Back


Sunny Seward

on 1/31/11



Ask anyone who took the summer class, it wasn't easy, but under Benny's instruction, I feel we all left as competent and able EMT's. I plan on taking every continuing ed class I can at IVAC because of the quality of the instruction. Thanks Ben on Feed Back



on 9/22/10



This summer course was made challenging and built a lot of character within myself and my classmates. Thanks to Benny, Joyce, Sally, and all of the other instructors for your guidance this summer. on Feed Back



on 8/26/10



I thought the refresher program was handled very well. The on line practice test format prepared me well for the test. Thanks to all at IVAC for a great job. See you again at the CME classes! on Feed Back


Pete D

on 6/23/10



Being back in the classroom after 30 years was a great experience and Bennie, along with his magnificent group of Lab Instructors made it even more memorable. Ben's teaching style, delivery and depth of knowledge made the EMT-B course come alive in so many ways. Thankyou Ben, Charlie, Sally, Nik for being so wonderful! Who says you can't teach an old dong new tricks? on Feed Back


Barb DeAngelis

on 6/7/10



I went into my EMT training course with Ben Fontanilles after having worked in the medical profession for 30 years. I did not expect to find this course challenging or terribly enriching, but I had joined IVAC and wanted to serve at the highest capacity, so I took it anyway. After the first few weeks of classes, I realized that I was going to be in for quite a challenging 4 months. What I learned from Bennie and his very experienced lab instructors was information and skills that I am thrilled to have, not just as an EMT, but also just as a citizen who might be able to help a family member or friend in any sort of medical emergency. I appreciate Bennie's attention to detail and his very engaging way of teaching. By his example and expectation of our own best efforts, I feel he has raised the quality of our next generation of EMTs. on Feed Back



on 6/5/10



I thought my EMT training and particularly experiences with Ben, the instructors and classmates was a wonderful experience. I feel well prepared to deal with whatever comes my way as a member of YVAC. I thank everyone involved for making the class such a positive experience. Thanks on Feed Back


Anthony Cillis

on 6/5/10



great site ben on



on 8/9/09



Thank you both, it truley was a pleasure! on


Benjamin Fontanilles

on 8/4/09



Great experience - Benny is a GREAT teacher - I recommend this class to everyone who is interested in pursuing becoming an EMT! IVAC is definitely the place to be! on



on 8/3/09



Hey Ben I never got the chance to thank you and thank the IVAC folks. Just to let you know when I walked in, on the first day i wanted to back out I thoght the material was hard and i was not going to undesratnd it. but i tell you man you did an outstanding job in explaining the material and breaking it up . you made it easy to understand and remember. you made it fun. You kept with the scheduale and with the plan. I did Enjoy every part of the course and i ended with a new friends that were into the same intrest. also your lab instructors where outstanding they were abel to show us and help us learn all the lab and practicle aspects. they were friendly and patient. the facilty was very well equipped and the IVAC folks were very hospitable and helpfull in every way Thank You and i will see you in The CME CLASS on


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